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JUMALHAMARA (Fin) – ‘Resignaatio’ CD Digipack


JUMALHAMARA (Fin) – ‘Resignaatio’ CD Digipack

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After treading the path of a true underground black metal outfit (releasing demo tapes, a live album and some mini-CDs), Jumalhämärä are ready to take a stab at the genre’s heavyweights, perhaps first getting a head start by overtaking countrymates Horna and Sargeist. Resignaatio is drenched in this imaginative nature, swaying from utter barbaric minimalism to poignant mollification, similar in a way to most Deathspell Omega works. Jumalhämärä have what it takes to attract most black metal fans, possibly even acquiring fans of various extreme atmospheric and melodic genres in the process.

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Black Metal