IRON FLESH (Fra) – ‘Summoning the Putrid’ LP


IRON FLESH (Fra) – ‘Summoning the Putrid’ LP

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While maintaining the massive wall of sound by the early 90’s scandinavian overlords IRON FLESH is not willing to go down as merely tribute to ancient times. They display an amazingly varied songwriting that reminds a lot of classic EDGE OF SANITY magic. Whereas the faster material tend to incorporate sharp melodic riffing that UNANIMATED or CENTINEX in their prime could not have done better, IRON FLESH also delivers some of the finest DEATH-DOOM ever to come out of french soil. The excellent mixture of the heaviness of later BOLT THROWER or ASPHYX and the hypnotic and melancholic lead-guitarwork that would make old PARADISE LOST proud simply fires on all cylinders.

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Death Metal