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INCARDINE (Swe) – ‘Seeds of Doom’ CD


INCARDINE (Swe) – ‘Seeds of Doom’ CD

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Incardine was formed in 1991 in Sweden by drummer David Ahlberg and guitar player Fredrik Folkare (Unleashed / Firespawn / ex Necrophobic). Incardine recorded two demos during 1992 (Moment of Connection and demo II ‘92).  After the demo recordings Incardine recorded their debut album ‘Seeds of Doom’. The album was recorded in a local studio and mixed in the (pre Abyss Studio) studio Rockshop with Peter Tägtgren in 1992. Unfortunately their label went bankrupt, the band split up and Folkare joined Unleashed. After many years and the sudden re-discovery of the original master tapes this album finally sees the day of light. The album is refined by Fredrik Folkare at his Chrome Studios in Stockholm in 2019. Cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano. Extensive liner notes by Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin. Plus the two Demos 1992 as bonus (25 tracks in total).

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Death Metal