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INCANTATION (USA) – ‘Unholy Massacre’ 2-CD


INCANTATION (USA) – ‘Unholy Massacre’ 2-CD

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Disc 1 : Contains the original mix of  ‘Demo # 1 – 1990’ featuring Will Rahmer from Mortician on vocals and a live soundboard recording with Will, which was recorded in Buffalo, the blasphemous 1st live recording of Incantation with members of Profanatica from early 1990. Also included is the 1st rehearsal demo with Paul Ledney on vocals in its uncut format.  CD contains 14 Tracks. Disc 2 : Contains an unreleased 2 song demo from 1990 with Craig Pillard on vocals and a live 8 song soundboard from New Jersey with excellent sound. To top it off 7 previously unreleased  pre-Onward to Golgotha  rehearsals tracks from early 1991 with original album members including John McEntee , Jim Roe , Craig Pillard and Ronny Deo. CD contains 17 tracks.

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Death Metal

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