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INANNA (Cl) – ‘Void of Unending Depths’ CD


INANNA (Cl) – ‘Void of Unending Depths’ CD

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In stock
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The highly anticipated 3rd full-length by this Chilean band. In a weird and horrific hallucination, guitarist/songwriter Diego Ilabaca received the revelation to create new music. Inanna came to life from the netherworld in 2000, obsessed with the early technical Death Metal acts such as Atheist, Cynic, Death and Pestilence, and plagued with the evil brutality of Suffocation, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Immolation and Gorguts. Even though inspired by those acts, this four-piece entity walk a path of uniqueness through their own spheres and interdimensional portals.

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Memento Mori


Death Metal

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