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HORRIFIED (UK) – ‘Descent into Putridity’ CD


HORRIFIED (UK) – ‘Descent into Putridity’ CD

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Welcome to the darkened recesses of old school Death Metal. The early offerings from bands like Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Pestilence, Death, Cancer, Gorguts and Morgoth are the reference point for this depraved group of individuals from Newcastle, U.K., named Horrified. ‘Descent into Putridity’ displays everything you wish your Death Metal to possess: maggot-infested tunes, encrusted riffs, wailing solos, pummeling drums and viciously demented vocals à la Van Drunen/Tardy, all of which team up with the vibrant urgency that this genre requires as a terrific reminder of why people fell in love with Death Metal so long ago.

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