HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘Gloom Immemorial’ D-LP


HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘Gloom Immemorial’ D-LP

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Both a gift to their longtime fans that won’t have to spend shitloads of dollars on EBAY to get a worn out copy of those now long out-of-print titles and a little snack while everybody’s waiting to be crushed by their next album (hopefully in 2015), Hooded Menace has gathered all those stand-alone tracks in one place for this compilation. Clocking at a whooping 76 minutes and featuring four different line-ups and such rarities as ‘I, Devil Master’ (recorded for the ‘Live Evil vol.1’ comp) or the very first versions of ‘Fulfill the Curse’ or ‘The Eyeless Horde’ that appeared on the band’s sole demo back in 2007.

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Death / Doom