HOLY TERROR (USA) – ‘Guardians of the Netherworld’ D-LP Gatefold (Black vinyl)


HOLY TERROR (USA) – ‘Guardians of the Netherworld’ D-LP Gatefold (Black vinyl)

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NEW NEVER PLAYED. One of the most underrated bands from the late 80’s, Holy Terror had a unique sound unlike any of their peers. Led by ex-AGENT STEEL’s Kurt Kilfelt and his unconventional, complex and catchy guitar melodies, and Keith Deen’s amazing and original vocal style, Holy Terror had forged their own innovative and distinct sound! Sadly Keith lost his battle with cancer in 2012 and we offer this release as tribute to him. The DLP features the band’s amazing 1986 demo, carefully mastered for vinyl from the original analog source as well as two complete, unreleased live soundboard recordings from the band’s extensive touring days! Also included are new extensive liner notes from the original band members, album cover artist Rick Araluce and band historian Scott Lambert, as well as a forward by A.A. Nemtheanga of Primordial, tons of classic band photos. 200 on black wax and 200 on blood red vinyl.

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