HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH (Aus) – Heaven Bled CD


HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH (Aus) – Heaven Bled CD

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The long-awaited comeback album of HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH, Heaven Bled. Helmed by one relentless maniac named Peter Hobbs, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH are one of the more unsung cult favorites of ’80s metal. Hailing from Australia many years before it was cool to do so, the band released two classic demos in 1987, Angel of Death and the telltale Virgin Metal Invasion From Down Under, before time came for the inevitable debut album. That album, 1988’s Hobbs’ Angel of Death, was released by Steamhammer during the label’s glory years, and quickly found a devoted legion of fans enthralled to HOBBS’ Kreator-meets-Dark Angel style of deathrash.

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