HECATOMB (Aus) – ‘Horrid Invocations’ MLP


HECATOMB (Aus) – ‘Horrid Invocations’ MLP

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Horrid Invocations is exceedingly deserving of wider recognition, and fucking aptly titled: HECATOMB are the bastard sons of Australia’s rich ‘n’ ribald history of metal extremity. From Slaughter Lord, Sadistik Exekution, and Martire on to GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, VOMITOR, and RAZOR OCCAM, HECATOMB dutifully serve the diabolical blood coursing through this undeniable lineage. Loose and lawless, Horrid Invocations presents one berzerker attack after another, swift and salacious at five songs in 22 minutes, as the duo detonate vulgar malformations of black, death, thrash, and unapologetic METAL. It doesn’t relent; it doesn’t sound nice; it doesn’t care for your comfort. Simply, HECATOMB are maniacs for maniacs

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Death Metal

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