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GUTVOID (Can) – ‘Astral Bestiary’ CD


GUTVOID (Can) – ‘Astral Bestiary’ CD

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Ominously swarming, churning forth with world-eating Metal of Death that devours the listener whole, GUTVOID traverse a wealth of compositional territory within the record’s three-song/24-minute runtime, dragging that listener across fetid slime and bestial grind, funereal doom and industrial-sized stomp, and even catchy headbanging parts…before the sinister slipstream takes that listener under, with all finality. To their credit, the quartet evade so much of the riff-less murk characterizing nowadays “sepulchral” death metal; if anything, Astral Bestiary maintains a refreshingly clear aspect, allowing every note to ring true and terrorizing. But make no mistake: this onslaught is literally MASSIVE, in every sense of the word.

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