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GUERRA TOTAL (Col) – ‘El Armagedón Continúa’ CD


GUERRA TOTAL (Col) – ‘El Armagedón Continúa’ CD

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Colombia, South America, is commonly known for armed conflict, rainforests and drug cartels. But the country has also been put on the metal map through cult names like Parabellum, Reencarnación, Masacre and Inquisition. In more recent times Guerra Total stepped into the action to ravage the country with uncompromising black/speed metal. Guerra Total has been around since 1997 (though they used the moniker Eternal Drak during the first 5 years) and “El Armagedón Continúa” is their 4th full-length album and the first one to be released by Sweden’s I HATE. Within the years of existence Guerra Total have stood loyal to their roots and traditions of heavy metal, which can be described as Speed Black Metal Horror is influenced by NWOBHM, First wave of black metal, German speed metal and South American metal. On this album you can find Guerra Total’s darkest, blackest and finest recording to date, a hybrid antichrist between Sabbat (Jap), Master’s Hammer, Root, Venom and pure Colombian Evilness.

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Black Metal