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GRIFTEGARD (Swe) – ‘Solemn Sacred Severe’ CD Digipack


GRIFTEGARD (Swe) – ‘Solemn Sacred Severe’ CD Digipack

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Hailing from Sweden, ”Solem. Sacred. Severe.” is Griftegard’s initial full length release, an emotionally crushing and melodic brand of funeral-paced, traditional Doom that will leave you staring at the bottom of an empty bottle of spirits. Heavy and grinding but never painfully dull and with loud, crisp, crashing tones, ”Solem. Sacred. Severe.” reminds one of Candlemass, Isole or Memory Garden but never strays too far from their own burial grounds. The superficial, the shallow, the empty has no place in Griftegard’s universe.

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Doom Metal