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GRAVELAND (Pol) – ‘Impaler’s Wolves’ CD


GRAVELAND (Pol) – ‘Impaler’s Wolves’ CD

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Originally, both songs from this mini-album were written in 1994 and were included on the cult album “Carpathian Wolves”. At that time, Graveland was creating dark music inspired by Satanism and vampirism. This album contains a unique vampiric atmosphere that does not repeat itself on any other Graveland album. Years later, Darken said that he was inspired to create such an atmosphere by a specific song by Blue Öyster Cult – “Nosferatu”. Somehow, five years after “Carpathian Wolves” was released, he returned to the most vampiric songs from this album and re-recorded them on the mini-cd “Impaler’s Wolves”! Here we present to you the Black Metal Grail of vampirism. Listen to this during fall, with the windows open, with the lights off, during full moon! Glory to Dracula – the Impaler of Darkness!

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