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GRAVE DIGGER (Ger) – ‘The Forgotten Years’ CD


GRAVE DIGGER (Ger) – ‘The Forgotten Years’ CD

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Gravedigger (1980- ’86) became Digger (1986 / ‘87), reunited as Hawaii (1988 – ‘91) and finally reformed as GRAVE DIGGER in 1991 up till today. The vinyl version contains these the 90’s reformation years: the the ‘Return of the Reaper’ Demo 1991 and the ‘For Promotion Only!! Ep 1992’. Feat. Uwe Lullis (Accept). Re-mastered & restored by Achilleas Kalantzis (Varathron, Possesed, Sacramentum). CD version PLUS Hawaii – Bottles and Four Coconuts demo 1989!

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