GOAT HORN (Can) – ‘Storming The Gates’ LP


GOAT HORN (Can) – ‘Storming The Gates’ LP

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“A chugging mix of doom metal and NWOBHM, this trio really sound like just plain ‘heavy metal,’ combining styles in a way that recalls the naivety of a pre-subgenre metal scene. They have obvious references in Maiden and Sabbath but sound as fresh as that combination might have in 1983. Soaring solos, a thrashing drummer with two bass drums (no double pedals!!), and quaint but awesome vocals that are intelligibly-growled highlight almost every song, which all seem too short even as most clock in near six minutes. The lyrics mostly deal with overcoming tyranny and uniting in booze and metal in the best Manowar or Judas Priest styles, and you will probably find yourself pounding your fist in the air to one or two tracks at least. The riffage overall is huge and varies nicely in tempo from Canadian Winter doom to even the quick thrash of ‘Re-Animation,’ a cover by fellow Canadian thrashers Sacrifice. And they even have the requisite collage inside the cover! Metal Rules!”

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