GHOSTRIDER (It) – ‘The return of the ghost’ CD


GHOSTRIDER (It) – ‘The return of the ghost’ CD

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The ghost is back to spread his unholy shadow of horror and darkness! GHOSTRIDER, the infernal horde that generated the Italian metal legend NECRODEATH over 25 years ago has returned back to life with a new desecrating assault of old school blackened Thrash filled with rawness and intensity. 11 new studio songs including revisited versions of their 1984 classics like ‘The exorcist’, ‘Doomed to serve the devil’, ‘Victims of necromancy’ etc as well as some brand new tunes of thrashing ferocity and an ONSLAUGHT cover! Face the true impact of 1984’s Italian raw Black/Thrash fierceness!! For fans of: VENOM, HELLHAMMER, early BATHORY, SODOM, early NECRODEATH, DARKNESS, ‘Endless pain’-era KREATOR!

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