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GHOST (Pol) – ‘Noc Demona’ TAPE


GHOST (Pol) – ‘Noc Demona’ TAPE

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In the torrent of death metal history, it is necessary for me to remind you again that there are many incomparably huge energies in Poland in Eastern Europe. One of the early accumulators of this energy is “Ghost”, which I would like to introduce to you. The band was formed in October 1988 by guitarists Dariusz Engler and Roman Pegza, bassist Ryszard Łakomiec, drummer Marek Szczabel and vocalist Krzysztof Berlik formed until 1989, when Szczabel was replaced by Krzysztof Jankowski, who released the band’s third demo, “Noc Demona”. It was thanks to the release of this demo that the band achieved great success and started a tour of the USSR.

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