FRONT (Fin) – ‘Antichrist Militia’ MLP


FRONT (Fin) – ‘Antichrist Militia’ MLP

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It’s been four long years since FRONT’s celebrated debut album for IRON BONEHEAD, Iron Overkill. Firmly committed to the original war metal tenets laid down by Bestial Warlust and blitzing ’em to fuck in a manner most Marduk circa Panzer Divison Marduk, Iron Overkill was ever accurately titled: wave after undulating wave of teeth-gnashing speed and disgusting filth, all set to pulverizing stun, evoking an all-consuming sensation of total and utter oblivion. Now expanded to a quartet, FRONT are set to deliver their most complete statement yet, Antichrist Militia – which, paradoxically, is a swift ‘n’ decisive 23 minutes. Comes with poster.

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Death / Black

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