FOSCOR / NECROSADIST (Spa/Cyp) – split 7”EP


FOSCOR / NECROSADIST (Spa/Cyp) – split 7”EP

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Foscor’s offering entitled ‘The Others’ Voice’ is a permeatingly bleak and ominous cacophony, oozing a dark and misty atmosphere from every fold and crevice; probably some of their rawest material ever recorded, yet fitting comfortably within their more avant-garde efforts. Necrosadist’s cut ‘Incision is Release’ is an eerie and chaotic cut of frenzied militant violence, bleeding hatred and perdition from every self-inflicted wound; this track also marks a significant step forward in terms of evolution of the band, being their first released material since their 2005 demo. The onslaught has begun! Limited to 300 copies.

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Black Metal