FORHIST (Fra) – ‘Forhist’ LP Gatefold


FORHIST (Fra) – ‘Forhist’ LP Gatefold

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FORHIST is the latest incarnation of Vindsval, the faceless entity behind the legendary BLUT AUS NORD. Inspired by the ‘90s Norwegian Black Metal scene, FORHIST is a solitary walk in deep woods, an echo of the past, a return to the spiritual womb from which darkness first emerged. Eschewing experimentation, ‘avant-gardism’, the progressive and the dissonant, FORHIST is purely a raw, intimate and poetic Black Metal act: a haunted dreamworld of harmonious yet savage riffs, deftly melodic leads, vocal malevolence, mystical choirs, escapist acoustics, perfectly-judged drumming and neo-gothic synth, all elevated by the inimitable mark of this composer-auteur.

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Debemur Morti


Black Metal