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FACELESS BURIAL (Aus) – ‘At the Foothills of Deliration’ CD


FACELESS BURIAL (Aus) – ‘At the Foothills of Deliration’ CD

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In stock
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Clocking in at just under 40 minutes with 6 diverse tracks woven into a singularity, this new record lives up to the name FACELESS BURIAL with exquisitely interesting and gripping music that shall hold even the dullest attention span thanks to the malignant heaviness and contorting progressions that are offered in abundance without feeling too haphazard (though definitely chaotic). As soon as anything can become comfortable, an angular change shifts into play with barbaric aggression conveying extremely intricate music. The cymbal work and leads reflect upon strong rhythms and cerebral bass work (which is a real highlight, not just some root-note copying). Astonishingly, it feels in their 8 years of musical life, FACELESS BURIAL continue to reach deeper into new grounds, never rehashing or parodying themselves in their quest for the ultimate in complex Death Metal magnificence. Do not lay idle, for this requires concentration and a keen ear to truly appreciate due to the huge amount of nuance and subtlety behind the scene, but as a whole only the most furiously heavy delivery will suffice. Old school in style yet non-repetitive, this exudes quality and may invoke the old spirits, but the trio still do their own thing with the massive arsenal of sounds at their disposal. Put simply, this is Death Metal at its best.

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Death Metal