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EXSUL (USA) – ‘Allegoresis’ CD Digipack


EXSUL (USA) – ‘Allegoresis’ CD Digipack

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Reveling in the perversion and reemerging from the cave, Exsul soon strike again with a second EP, Allegoresis, a 24-minute revelation in six parts. Here within, one finds new conjurations of three ancient allegories. Still steeped in the oldest schools, Exsul again manifests new DEATH METAL, continuing to push through the redundant mediocrity of today’s emulators. Their sound’s as intimidating as ever: equally gangrenous riffing and vocals, slithering ‘n’ slimy blasts that morph into chest-cavity-crushing doom stomps, songwriting that’s strange and almost improvisational yet fully locked-in, as well as utterly megaton-weight production.

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Caligari Records


Death Metal