ESOTERIC (Uk) – ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’ 3-LP Gatefold


ESOTERIC (Uk) – ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’ 3-LP Gatefold

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For nearly thirty years ESOTERIC have been pushing the limits of sonic intensity. From the mind-bending darkness of their 90’s double albums to the expansive epics found on their recent opuses, they have never compromised their initial aim; to unleash aural mayhem on unsuspecting listeners. Late 2019 sees the release of their most accomplished work to date, ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’. It is 98 minuts of new material, detailed and layered compositions and a high level of musicianship, foreboding production, and equal measures of utter darkness and melodic diversity. For fans of EVOKEN, THERGOTHON, DISEMBOWELMENT, SKEPTICISM.

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Season Of Mist


Funeral Doom Death