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ENCOFFINATION (USA) – ‘Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh’ CD


ENCOFFINATION (USA) – ‘Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh’ CD

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ENCOFFINATION is the sepulchral embodiment of rancid death. Crushing, suffocating death metal doom of the lowest caliber. Named for the ritual preparation of the dead for burial, ENCOFFINATION exists below the plane of mortality; deep within the realms of death and decay. Slowly they lurch forth with their educated form of blasphemy, occult, and ritualistic expulsion of the holy from the earth. This is the first full length from this amazing two-piece band, which is comprised of Ghoat on vocals, guitar, and bass (also in Father Befouled, Festered) and Elektrokutioner on drums (also in Decrepitaph, Festered). The follow-up to their After Their Temples Descend Below The Earth 7-inch, released earlier this year, this Georgia/Texas-based duo attacks with the 8-song Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, featuring over 30 minutes of cryptic metal influenced by early ‘90s American doom/death and bands like INCANTATION, DISEMBOWELMENT, and MORPHEUS DESCENDS. Prepare for the most soul draining and graven death metal album of the year!

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