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EKPYROSIS (It) – ‘Asphyxiating Devotion’ CD


EKPYROSIS (It) – ‘Asphyxiating Devotion’ CD

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Formed back in 2013 and with their razor-edged claws steadily sunk into the vitriolic and ruthless carnage that Death Metal was meant to be in the late 80´s and early 90´s, this four-headed squad of young deathsters unfold an unquestionable fondness of the ugliness, the malevolence, the decrepitude and the intensity that the early aural blasphemies of acts such as Morbid Angel, Nihilist, Sadistic Intent, Grotesque, Incantation, Necrophobic and Deicide used to be soaked in back in the genre´s heyday.

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Memento Mori


Death Metal

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