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DRAKAR (Cze) – ‘Let Draka /The Flight of the Dragon’ 2-CD


DRAKAR (Cze) – ‘Let Draka /The Flight of the Dragon’ 2-CD

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This release is a reissue of their debut album from 1990, two versions of it actually (hence the two discs), one in Czech, the other an English-language version. Despite the year, this isn’t generic thrash or speed metal, though it is often speedy – and it’s certainly not death metal or black metal, either, though fans of Root and Master’s Hammer might well enjoy it. This is quite recommended, and also it’s limited to 500 copies, and our suppliers are all out already… Lovingly packaged by I Hate Records, the thick cd booklet including lyrics, liner notes about the band, and old photos. Also the cd contains a video clip for one of the songs, that you can watch on your komputoor.

Weight 110 kg

I Hate Rec.


Heavy Metal

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