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DISRUPTED (Swe) – ‘Morbid Death’ CD


DISRUPTED (Swe) – ‘Morbid Death’ CD

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After the smashing “Heavy Death” EP, the Swedish juggernaut known as Disrupted unleash a massive debut full-length that´s going to expunge the naysayers in the scene. What this young and active quintet formed back in late 2012 in the small city of Ludvika have on offer is the kind of crunchy, rotten, heavy-as-a-concrete-block and genuine-to-the-bone Death Metal that their country was worldwide known for in the late 80´s and the early 90´s. Think Nihilist/Entombed, Interment, Grave and God Macabre with a healthy dose of D-beat à la more recent acts such as Bombs Of Hades or Bastard Priest, and you´ll get quite an accurate picture of what to expect.

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Memento Mori


Death Metal