DISGORGE (Mex) – Forensick’ LP


DISGORGE (Mex) – Forensick’ LP

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Mexico’s Disgorge are the most extreme and brutal band in the world! Disturbingly sick, the music is death/grind in the old Carcass style tradition with more modern influences from leaders like Cryptopsy. You’ve been warned! This is gormageddon!!!! The band started back in late ‘93, with the aim of creating the sickest and most brutal band in México. The band’s sound was very influenced by the old death metal sound of late ‘80’s… often compared to Grave, Incantation, Mortician, Dismember and Carcass. Finally, in ‘99, DISGORGE released Forensick shocking the worldwide scene, not only because of displaying one of the most explicit album covers ever, but also because it included 10 songs of the most brutal, heavy and chaotic Death/Grind/Gore ever to be vomited on planet earth.

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Death /Grind

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