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DELIRIUM (Nl) – ‘Zzooouhh + Demos/Live’ 2-CD


DELIRIUM (Nl) – ‘Zzooouhh + Demos/Live’ 2-CD

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this 2CD set features the “Zzooouhh” album (1990), the “Delirium” demo (1988), the “Amputation” demo (1989) and a full live show recorded straight from the soundboard @ Network (Aalst, Belgium) back in March 31st, 1991. Over 130 minutes of rancid, primitive and odorous Death/Doom Metal like some sort of Celtic Frost / Dream Death meets early Asphyx, Obituary, early Death and Necro Schizma, with one of the most putrid voices ever.

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Memento Mori


Death Metal