DEATHHAMMER (Nor) – Chained to Hell CD


DEATHHAMMER (Nor) – Chained to Hell CD

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With the stage set thusly, “Chained to Hell” is a statement of intent for DEATHHAMMER: this is who they are, eternally, and there’s no turning back. Everything that’s endeared the duo to legions worldwide – bursting-at-the-seams energy, forever-forward momentum, coiling-yet-catchy songwriting, and that strangely clean ‘n’ clanging guitar tone that’s somehow dirtier than most other blackthrash out there – is here, both in a state that’s blood-red raw and sagely mature. It’s a unique duality that DEATHHAMMER so unselfconsciously exude here, that youthful enthusiasm somehow remaining intact but simultaneously imparting an aeons-old wisdom, the entirety of classic metal history run through a rusty blender. Of course, the firmest foundation still remains that fateful year of 1985, when when Sodom and especially Destruction were releasing their respective, undeniably classic debut EPs – but also of course, DEATHHAMMER possess that elusive charisma that elevates “Chained to Hell” from lazy pastiche to a crucial component in that blackthrashing continuum.

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