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DEATHCHAIN (Fin) – ‘Ritual Death Metal’ CD Digibook


DEATHCHAIN (Fin) – ‘Ritual Death Metal’ CD Digibook

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As eclectic as the label is, Svart Records have a strong foundation in death metal, having reissued albums by vintage acts like Abhorrence, Xysma and the resuscitated Convulse. However, Deathchain is the first contemporary death metal band operating on the label. Each member sports an impressive curriculum vitae of musical misbehaviours that reads like a who’s who of the Finnish extreme metal scene (Forgotten Horror, Demilich, Deathbound, Ajattara, and so on), and the band’s two guitarists are already part of the Svart family with Jess and The Ancient Ones. But it’s the sheer intensity of its music that has put Deathchain at the top of the foodchain as unlike others, they’ve taken their time to shed their previous collective skins one by one.

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