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DEATH SS (It) – Rock’n’Roll Armageddon CD Slipcase


DEATH SS (It) – Rock’n’Roll Armageddon CD Slipcase

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In stock
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In many ways “Rock ‘N Roll Armageddon’ is an archetypal Death SS album, with its horror-themed songs and imagery and driven by an unassailable passion. I mean when you consider that this band has existed in some shape or form for over 40 years, what can drive these Italians if not passion for what they do? The album is chock-full of catchy songs, even if sometimes I felt they were overdoing it with the ‘catchiness’ of the songs’ choruses (as in ‘The Fourth Reich’ for example). However the album also boasts some excellent song-writing that in fact makes up the release’s primary appeal.

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