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DAEMON (Dk) – ‘Eye For An Eye’ CD


DAEMON (Dk) – ‘Eye For An Eye’ CD

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Hell, what’s that for a cannon? DAEMON have changed their style and don’t move in Death’n Roll anymore! Nope, this sounds rather like Bay-Area-Riffing and reminds me of the last TESTAMENT output ‘The Gathering’. That Anders Lundemark is big fan of the band, can be clearly heard on ‘Eye For An Eye’. Even the vocals sound like Chuck Billy, plus a big, modern production, which takes no prisoners! Musically you get some brutal packs in your mouth, that it is just great! I had not expected this. I was not interested in their debut ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, I have not listened to their work ‘The Second Coming’. So this album here just blasted me away! Besides they got Gene Hoglan for the drums. That his drumming is a class of its own, I need not to tell anyone, right? The man is cult! Mercerised works of bands like DEATH, DARK ANGEL, TESTAMENT or STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. A drumming legend!

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