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CULTES DES GHOULES (Pol) – ‘Haxan’ CD Digipack


CULTES DES GHOULES (Pol) – ‘Haxan’ CD Digipack

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In stock
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Cultes des Ghoules are a child of the third wave, but one could be forgiven for thinking that their debut LP, 2008’s ‘Häxan, …or Medieval Witchcraft and Infanticide…’ was released ten years earlier. The mix trades on that classic paradox of the romantically minded black metal artist. The atmosphere is dark and rich, the vocals are drenched in reverb and revel in ghoulish outbursts and esoteric melodrama. Yet the nuts and bolts of this is achieved via ultra-primitive, demo tape quality production values, consisting predominantly of one guitar track, energetic but under-serviced drums, and a distorted bass tone that gives almost no view of the instrument’s mechanics; at least during the faster passages.

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