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CRYPTIC SHIFT (UK) – ‘Visitations From Enceladus’ LP (blue vinyl)


CRYPTIC SHIFT (UK) – ‘Visitations From Enceladus’ LP (blue vinyl)

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100 on transparent blue vinyl (Includes the ”Pleasure of Plasma” CD). References to the legendary likes of Athiest, Gorguts, Cynic, and especially later Death and Pestilence are understandable, of course, but CRYPTIC SHIFT have a gnarled ‘n’ gnarling aspect that puts them closer to such cults as DBC, The Chasm, Timeghoul, Canada’s Martyr, and especially Nocturnus. All we can do is strongly suggesting booking an excursion aboard their mothership NOW, and begin experiencing fully these Visitations From Enceladus! 

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Blood Harvest


Death Metal