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CRUCIFYRE (Swe) – ‘Black Magic Fire’ CD


CRUCIFYRE (Swe) – ‘Black Magic Fire’ CD

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In stock
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From the abysm of the ever-notorious unhallowed Sweden, CRUCIFYRE writhes its way through with a subterranean motive to inflict more ghoulish audio-attack with ‘Black Magic Fire’.Unruffled by trends, CRUCIFYRE blitzkrieg through their no-bullshit authoritarian style that is once again clearly evident on ‘Black Magic Fire’, uttering imprecations in the name of His Dark Majesty. Also featuring a lead-guitar spot on the track ‘One And One Is One’ perfectly executed by none other than the phenomenal Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate, ex-Volbeat, Force Of Evil, etc).

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Thrash Metal

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