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CROSS FADE (USA) – ‘Return to Planet Hell (1992-1994)’ CD


CROSS FADE (USA) – ‘Return to Planet Hell (1992-1994)’ CD

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A CD that compiles all three demos by this obscure U.S. band. Cross Fade was fortunate to have spawned and thrived in the primordial era of Long Island Death Metal, a force to be reckoned with amongst other global Metal sounds. And Cross Fade was there, absorbing it and spitting out their own unique brand of extreme music. All songs restored and subtly remastered for a more pleasurable listening experience. The 16-page booklet features lyrics, photos, bio and liner notes. Absolutely recommended to fans of spazztic yet catchy, ridiculously dynamic, highly original, fucked up Death Metal with a vocalist that sounds like a mentally deranged John Tardy on crystal meth.

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