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CRONOS COMPULSION (USA) – ‘Cursed and Decaying’ TAPE


CRONOS COMPULSION (USA) – ‘Cursed and Decaying’ TAPE

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Cronos Compulsion is a death metal band based out of Denver, CO and Chicago, IL. Formed in 2021, the band is composed of Wil Wilson (Thanotheristes, formerly Phthisis) on vocals/guitar, Jon Linskey (Ashen Gaze, Sectra, formerly Phthisis) on drums and noise, and Addison Herron-Wheeler on bass. Taking their name from an archaeological term describing violent behavior towards a corpse, Cronos Compulsion plays a sludgy, grimey style of death doom with lyrics that focus on death rituals, dreams, and ancient violence. The band’s influences include classic death and black metal, doom, noise, and experimental metal.

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