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CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION (Rus) – ‘Order Of Decadence’ CD


CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION (Rus) – ‘Order Of Decadence’ CD

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CRITICAL EXTRAVASATION are a very young and promising band from Moscow, Russia, who are proving once again to have one of the most exciting and fresh scenes in Death Metal. The band exude a youthful exuberance and hunger that is not often heard these days pushing the boundaries of what defines modern extreme metal. They take their influences from many of the early Death / Thrash days, notably Pestilence, Morgoth and early Vektor. Considering the times we are in, it is important to mention this album is all about Critical Extravasation’s extreme distaste for the current regime in Russia. They are Anti-War are are even assisting by volunteering at a Ukrainian refugee camp in Latvia.

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Redefining Darkness


Death / Thrash