CRIMSON RELIC (USA) – Purgatory’s Reign LP (red vinyl)


CRIMSON RELIC (USA) – Purgatory’s Reign LP (red vinyl)

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When back in 1995 US Death Metal band Divine Eve disbanded, main songwritter Xan Hammack relocated to California from Texas, and with the help of drummer Rhett Davis (Morgion / Gravehill / Stygian Crown) he decided to record the songs intended for the Divine Eve debut full length album under a new banner, calling it CRIMSON RELIC. “Purgatory’s Reign” was recorded in July 1995 and originally released in CD and cassette on Radiation Records (Nuclear Blast sublabel) in 1996, becoming immediately a true gem of underground US Death Metal, somewhat underrated but a fave of die hard Death Metal fans all around the globe.

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