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CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Void’ CD Digipack


CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Void’ CD Digipack

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Sweden’s Craft are a pillar of modern black metal, whether you know it or not. Formed in 1994, Craft (formerly Nocta) brought a hateful, misanthropic quality to their sound that shared a kindred spirit with their more extreme pagan brothers to the south, while bringing a slightly more unhinged, punk spirit to the table. With a riff heavy style reminiscent of Darkthrone, Craft have returned after a six year hiatus with their new album Void. Six years is a hell of a long time between releases, but if you’re seeking a perfect example of stripped down, classic, blown out black metal, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better record this year. Weighing in at over fourty five minutes, there’s enough variety on this record to warrant many a close listen.

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Season Of Mist


Black Metal