CORPUS CHRISTII (Por) – ‘Luciferian Frequencies’ LP Gatefold


CORPUS CHRISTII (Por) – ‘Luciferian Frequencies’ LP Gatefold

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The music on Luciferian Frequencies isn’t too far removed from their previous efforts, as Corpus Christii continues to give their own perverted take on second wave black metal. Impressively enough, their music has come to be synonymous with Portuguese black metal, striking that fine line between the cold sound of the Scandinavian scene and the dirty, unrefined sound of the first wave. That’s not to say that Corpus Christii’s music sounds dated, it’s just that the band has found a certain niche playing blasting, trem laden black metal with a rather raw tone despite the modern production. Rather than focusing on another round of hyper-fast, torturous black metal, Luciferian Frequencies opts for a more varied approach featuring slower paces and mid-tempo sections built around the blasts and trem riffing.

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