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COFFIN TEXTS (USA) – ‘Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife’ CD


COFFIN TEXTS (USA) – ‘Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife’ CD

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In stock
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Formed in 1997, this Los Angeles based band has been desecrating the scene for more than a decade. Having toured with bands like INCANTATION, INFAMY, ANGELCORPSE, SKINLESS, and CEPHALIC CARNAGE, and shared members with legendary acts like SADISTIC INTENT, INFAMY, and DIABOLIC, Coffin Texts has proven their right to be heralded among the elite archangels of death metal. These affiliations notwithstanding, COFFIN TEXTS has also been one of the most overlooked bands in Death Metal. This fact is mostly attributable to their short (yet nonetheless important) discographic history. Their debut album, the masterful ‘Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife’ – originally released by Dwell Records on CD in 2000, this is the 2004 re-issue on Brutalized Rec, features 3 bonus tracks!

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