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CIANIDE (USA) – ‘Divide and Conquer’ 2-CD


CIANIDE (USA) – ‘Divide and Conquer’ 2-CD

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Originally released in the year 2000. Contained on this absolutely DELUXE expanded edition are two different unique mixes of the album: the first is fully remastered – done “proper,” as CIANIDE would put it – with the sound equally warm but arguably more humid and certainly with even more low-end crush, while the second is the original mix as it was released in 2000. Also contained herein are two demos from the era – the three-song Promo 1998, and an unreleased three-song demo recorded in June 1999 – as well as a grinding studio outtake for early track “Choose Your Death” and a raw ‘n’ ripping cover of At War’s “Ordered to Kill.”

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Hells Headbangers


Death Metal