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CHTHONIC CULT (Pol) – ‘Become Seekers for Death’ CD


CHTHONIC CULT (Pol) – ‘Become Seekers for Death’ CD

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This particular album is a swirling abyss of bleakness and chaos, one that draws the listener into its cruel yet fascinating world thanks to its dense atmosphere, while still allowing the consumer to focus on the different elements of the music and the single tracks. The most notable element to me might be the guitars which are fuzzed-out, cheeky, aggressive, and alter back and forth between hauntingly melodic, atmospheric, rhythmic, and some slower doomy sections. While the music can be quite dissonant the patterns here seem a bit more structured compared to similar outfits. There is enough going on to keep every listener engaged over the whole 40 minutes running time.

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Putrid Cult


Death / Black