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CENTURIAN (Hol) – ‘Choronzonic Chaos Gods’ CD


CENTURIAN (Hol) – ‘Choronzonic Chaos Gods’ CD

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In stock
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Released in 1999, a well-earned reissue of CENTURIAN’s classic debut album, Choronzonic Chaos Gods. Very aptly titled, Choronzonic Chaos Gods is a veritable vortex of chaos magick executed with military precision. CENTURIAN at this stage could accurately be described as ‘death metal,’ but the ever-cyclonic, ever-coiling whirlwinds unleashed by the band take on a form more supernatural than physical. As such, CENTURIAN’s debut album found much favor with the black metal faithful at the time, as well as those who held hope for a flagging death metal scene; not for nothing was it released by the esteemed Full Moon Productions label. Reap the whirlwind!

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Death Metal

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