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CAUCHEMAR (Can) – ‘Rosa Mystica’ CD


CAUCHEMAR (Can) – ‘Rosa Mystica’ CD

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“Cauchemar seem to have come along pretty quickly to become one of the better-known names in Canada peddling old-school heavy metal, especially among those adding a doom twist. Then again, I was surprised to see that 2022 marks the 15th year since the quartet’s formation and that the arrival of Rosa Mystica trails Chapelle Ardente by half a dozen years. In the intermission, Occult Burial’s bassist/vocalist Joel Ladouceur has joined as Cauchemar’s sticksman, while this new release welcomes Alan Jones of Pagan Altar in a capacity as guest lead guitarist, further confirming the influence these Canucks derive from the older, slower bands of the NWOBHM like Pagan Altar and Witchfinder General.”

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