CANDLEMASS (Swe) – ‘Ancient Dreams’ D-LP Gatefold (CLEAR VINYL)


CANDLEMASS (Swe) – ‘Ancient Dreams’ D-LP Gatefold (CLEAR VINYL)

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2012 edition, NEW OLD STOCK! Ancient Dreams is the band’s third album, originally released on Active Records, 1988. The original LP had over 50 minutes of music stuffed onto a single LP, so for our double vinyl reissue we expanded the original album over three LP sides, added the CD bonus track ‘Black Sabbath medley’ and finished with a fourth LP side consisting of some choice live cuts from the era. The Leif Edling -approved Svart version comes in a heavy vintage gatefold jacket, which has the entire Thomas Cole painting ‘Voyage of Life’. Heavy vintage gatefold jacket. Clear vinyl.

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