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BONEHUNTER (Fin) – Dark Blood Reincarnation System CD


BONEHUNTER (Fin) – Dark Blood Reincarnation System CD

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on Dark Blood Reincarnation System do BONEHUNTER burst through the doors of greatness – and tear them off their fucking hinges! Immediately and irrevocably, the guitar leads across BONEHUNTER’s fourth full-length bristle with an electricity that’s amazing to behold, Burning Spirits-indebted or not; call them “anthemic” or even “hummable,” it’s not difficult to imagine these instantly ingraining tunes being sung back in full force from a crowd of maniacs high on heavy metal blood. Equally, the trio have sharpened their songwriting chops to an insanely focused degree, moving at many speeds and across many dynamics – relatively speaking, of course, for this is still BLACKENED SPEED METAL after all – but always sounding like the same band. And perhaps most remarkable is the production across Dark Blood Reincarnation System: the perfect balance of grit and gleam, blood and thunder, power and poise. But again, perhaps this is just form meeting content…and THOSE LEADS!

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Hells Headbangers


Black / Thrash

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